Faber - A prestigious kitchen application brand in Vietnam

About Faber

Faber Vietnam, after over 20 years of development by SENA Group, has been prestigious for kitchen application in Vietnam At the forefront of technology and design, Faber have gained a reputation as one of the leading names in kitchen extraction. Renowned for their stunning designs and beautiful styling, Faber hoods are quiet, effective and energy efficient.

Faber Vietnam

The first Faber hoods were presented in Vietnam in 1999 by SENA Vietnam Co. Ltd. The brand has quickly established a foothold in the local market and became the most popular keyword via search engines.

In 2008, the first gas hobs were display in the market and have greatly attracted Vietnamese consumers. SENA continued to catch new trends by bringing more choices to customers with inductions hobs and infrafed hobs in 2012, and combined hobs in 2014. All Faber hobs are equipped with Schott Ceran glass specially manufactured in Germany or EuroKera ceramic glass made in France.

Faber products thus continue to conquer the consumers and maintain market share in Vietnam. Currently, our products are sold not only in the kitchen showrooms and stores, but also in many other electronic supermarkets such as Nguyen Kim, Pico, MediaMart, etc.